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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Friendster at work

Okay, this isn't about how Friendster works behind-the-scenes. Rather, it's about how I realised that so many of my colleagues are on it!

It all started when a colleague saw me looking at a Friendster page (linked from somewhere, no, I wasn't looking at mine, I'm not that egotistical), and she told me to add her. She just approved me over the long break, and from her profile, I found about 10 colleagues, and from those colleagues, I found, well, almost every colleague in his/her twenties or early thirties!

What the heck is going on??? I thought Friendster was dead! I wasn't surprised when I connected with colleagues on LinkedIn, but Friendster, the granddaddy of them all social networks that has become mostly irrelevant with the rise of MySpace? Ok, sure, my company is all about the Internet, but I feel that this is bordering on ridiculousness (is there such a word?).

I should probably start looking for colleagues on MySpace. I know one has his band's page there.


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