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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear Valentine

It's Valentine's Day. In 30 years, I've never had a valentine. But that hasn't stopped me from wishing for one. "One day, my dream will come true," so the song goes.

If I did have a Valentine's Day date this year, it would only be with one person. I'm sure she knows who she is, because if she doesn't, then I've been too subtle and low-key for my own good. Of course, I've considered other girls, but in the back of my mind, I'll always compare them against her. And then my thoughts will just drift back to her. It's probably still wishful thinking at this point.

The last time I felt like this for a girl was in university. Even if nothing came out of it, I thought that we would remain good friends. Then she suddenly broke off contact. Last I heard, she was married and living in the United Kingdom. I still think about her sometimes, but nowadays, the thoughts are less sweet.

I've never written anything like this in here before because of my audience. Nor have I shared it with others because I think it's highly embarrassing. Now that it's out, word will get around before coming back to me, and then it'll be a hide-in-a-cave moment.

So, this Valentine's Day, I'll be rooting for the cheerleader. "Save the cheerleader, save the world!" Yup, the plan is to watch the third episode of "Heroes" tonight.


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