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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bowling and roti prata

Best bowlng game ever!
I've just returned from a late night of bowling and roti prata for supper. It was a gathering with some church friends. We bowled at SAFRA Yishun from 9-11:30pm, and I had my best... game... ever. Out of three games, I did best in my second.

I scored a strike! And a couple of spares too! That's quite an achievement for me, a person who averages six to seven points per frame. For that game, I scored 102, my highest ever! This would be my third or fourth game ever, and I've always dreamed of knocking down all 10 pins. Tonight, I did it! Whee!

The first game was what I call my "warm up" game, which is a lame excuse to say that I performed at about normal for me. In my third game, fatigue coupled with a tired arm and strained thigh led to my lowest score -- 54, haha!

After the game (and a mock prize presentation ceremony), we proceeded to this roti prata shop along Thomson Road. I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised to realise that it was packed with people, with a queue of patrons waiting to be seated, and some seated customers who were still waiting for their orders.

Three factors caused this situation:
  1. It was Chinese New Year, so all of the 24-hour Chinese eateries were closed.
  2. Singaporeans continue to eat into the wee hours of the festive period.
  3. The "famous" roti prata shop at Upper Thomson Road closes at 11pm.
Fortunately, we managed to get an empty table after waiting for about 10 minutes. The prata was crispy, which is different from the usual ones that I've had before. But it was still yummylicious. Over supper, we chatted about the latest movies in Singapore, holidaying in Bali, and something called PPStream (no, I won't link to it because I don't want this site to be registered as a referral).

And then it was home sweet home.


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