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Monday, January 22, 2007

When you pray...

Here's something I've noticed about how people pray. Especially among people of my generation, there seem to be a few "key words" that are almost always used. So far, I've managed to identify these two:
  1. "just"
    Unlike the dictionary meaning, in prayer, "just" is simply a prefix to an action, nothing more. For example, "I just pray that she will just remain faithful" or "May You just heal her." Do people just talk like that? I just can't think of any non-prayer-real world example.

  2. "Father", "Lord" and similar pronouns
    If "just" is a prefix, then these pronouns are punctuations. I've heard so many prayers where the count of these pronouns outnumber the other words in the prayer. Does including more of these words make the prayer somehow holier, because you're invoking the Name more often?
    Here's one example: "Oh Lord, I pray, Lord God, that you will heal her, Father Lord, so that she can walk again, Lord God almighty." That's similar to saying, "Hey Bobby, at lunchtime, Bobby, let's go to this restaurant, Bobby, where they serve awesome Thai food, Bobby." Bobby would probably give me a puzzled gaze in response.
I thought of a third key word, but it's slipped my mind. These two are the more common prayer utterances. I hope I'm never guilty of using them.

Update: continued in part 2.



Anonymous said...

"Just" is not just used in prayer. You hear it all the time in normal conversation. It drives me nuts. One day I might post the essay I wrote on in. -paddychicken

(damn this google account thing, messes up all my cookies)

Yuhui said...

Heh, cool, looking forward to it!

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