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Monday, December 11, 2006

UW-Madison stuff: McDonald's

McDonald'sWow, another landmark is closing in Madison. Looks like McDonald's closes on Christmas Eve. It's the small outlet along Lake Street, just before State Street, right next to a multi-storey car park (Google Map).

Actually, it took me almost a minute to remember this place. I guess that's a testament to its low profile, yet high importance. Because it was next to Madison Central that is State Street, where the bohemian shoppers and diners hang out all day, but also beside UW-Madison Central that is Library Mall, where students hang out in the summer.

I thought I had a "fond memory" of this outlet, but confused it with the Burger King branch further up the road (which I think has closed already). I suppose this memory will do: on the night my parents came to Madison for my graduation, we had dinner at this place because it was convenient, familiar and cheap, and we didn't want to think of where or what to eat.

Another memory would be when I had dinner there with a Singaporean and went too far into talking about quantum theory (because that had been my craze then). Yeah, she probably thought I was weird too.

All of these memories are making me overly nostalgic. Once, I had remarked to a Singaporean that we could return to Madison in 10 years, maybe even 20, and we would still be able to recognise the places. I'm starting to rethink that claim, especially with the planned redevelopment of the southeast area of campus.


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