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Sunday, December 10, 2006

UW-Madison stuff: commercial, student travel center

I finally decided to read the UW-Madison Alumni newsletters that I get in the e-mail, and discovered these two gems:
  1. A 30-second commercial (requires Quicktime) touting the achievements of the alumni (also on YouTube, which will probably be removed one day)
  2. Wisconsin Union Travel Center to close
The commercial looks kinda amateur-ish. I think it's due to the soft colours. And it sounds snarky. Then again, as the saying goes, "if you've got it, flaunt it!"

The travel center closure hit a soft spot for me. Not because I booked an alcohol-and-sex-party-filled spring break package through them. (Actually, I never booked an alcohol-and-sex-party-filled spring break package from anyone.) Nor did I go to them for overseas study advice, since I was already studying overseas.

Rather, it was the one place to buy discounted Van Galder (later, Greyhound) coach tickets from Madison to Chicago. Lots of fun trips were had from those coach trips, especially before I got the car. Most of the time, the trips were to-and-from the airport. Some were for Chi-town getaways.

I'm sure there'll be a new venue for current and future students to continue buying these discounted tickets. As for me and thousands of people around the world, those trips to the office in Memorial Union will just be another memory.


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