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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Am @ Youth.SG

I am @ Youth.SG
So, my blog has apparently caught the attention of some powers-that-be at Youth.SG. From their e-mail:
We have identified your blog as one of the popular youth blog around and we seek your help in making this event a success in the blogosphere.
Heh, really? Aw, geez, thanks! Considering that the daily traffic to this site is atrociously low and I don't tYpE lIkE tHiS (or is that "tYpE lIk DiS"?) nor post pretty pictures of myself, I'm actually kinda surprised that my blog is "one of the popular" ones.

But hey, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that one never bites the hand that feeds you... nor chastises the mouth that compliments you.

On with the show!


I Am @ Youth.SG because I fall within the required age bracket of 15-35 years old for this contest.

I read "I Am @ Youth.SG" and find nothing grammatically wrong with it when used in its proper context (but will drive lots of English teachers crazy!)

I see the "@" in a sentence and don't think twice about how overused it's become. The same goes for dot-anything.

I can't keep a secret. But that's why we blog, right? Even this contest's organisers have to share theirs. In their e-mail, they talked about a "Mystery Grand Prize". But on their website, they announce that it's an Apple MacBook!

I don't give two hoots about copyright violations nor stealing other people/organisations/entities' designs.
Stealing designs? Me?
Hmm, this design looks similar to that of a certain Google-owned website...

I love consumer-generated media, like the photos at Flickr and videos at YouTube. And Stomp. Wow, what a swell idea! If I only I was as smart as the folks at SPH. Not only would I be able to use other people's media -- and copyrights -- for my commercial offerings (because, you know, they gave up their media willingly), I could also sue them under the Copyright Law for using my media and my copyright on their websites. It's win-win, I tell you!

But though the mainstream media doesn't care about my writings, that's just fine by me because I blog for an audience of one -- me! (Well, actually an audience of two... or five... maybe 10... and a couple of curious voyeurs...)

I Am @ Youth.SG... and plan to be back with another entry in two weeks' time because I want that iPod shuffle!


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