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Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Christmas with Corrinne May"

Update: I've noticed lots of referrals from Corrinne May's forum. If you're one of them,... hello! *waves hand*

Christmas with Corrinne May
I've just returned from the concert, "Christmas with Corrinne May", held at the Esplanade. As to be expected, it was a spectacular evening filled with heartwarming songs presented in a soulful, meaningful manner.

Each song was rendered in the same lush manner by Corrinne May, who was dressed in a dark blue evening gown, backed up by an incredible band and string orchestra that was totally in sync with her piano playing. There were few hiccups, no major boo-boos except for a minor audio issue that was laughed away casually. The only complaint I have is that, at times, her voice was drowned out by the loud background music, particularly the drums and guitars.

The song selection consisted mostly of tracks from her newest album, "The Gift". She also included a few songs from her previous albums, some unreleased songs, and a few bonus Christmas songs. Whereas most of her older songs had a more mainstream message, her selection this evening had an overt Christian tone. Perhaps she believed her audience has become more receptive to such music, especially at Christmas time.

And as is her signature style, she opened each song with a short, poignant story. This being a Christmas concert, all of her stories had a Christmas theme. Most of them were about her views about Christmas, from receiving presents in stockings to her first encounter with "snow" in a Singaporean shopping centre. She also reflected on the original Christmas story and wondered aloud how the people involved -- Joseph, Mary, the shepherds and the wise men -- must have felt that special night. All of this was done in a very childlike, innocent manner, which made the audience even more emotionally involved.

In the second half of the concert, the Singapore Youth Choir ensemble singers joined her on stage. It provided backup vocals that made her songs sound even more majestic. Together with the light display that shone all over the hall, the concert suddenly became more lively. So while it had started out on an intimate moment between Corrinne May and her audience, it ended as a full-on grand concert that made for a powerful, spectacular display.

But Corrinne May wisely ended the night with an encore that had a very personal touch. Accompanied only by her band, she sang "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas" with a touch of jazz. It was a quiet way to end a wonderful night of beautiful music.

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Anonymous said...

The Misplaced Review

On My Way and Five Loaves Two Fishes completely got me. I love the way she starts her songs with little narrative recounts and then launches into the chorus where the morals or lessons-of-the-song comes in, albeit sometimes a tad too explicitly stated but who cares because they're absolutely lovely anyway haha. The Angel In Disguise style.

Please please please please do include those two songs in the new album, Corrinne, if you happen to see this? *gives the most innocently, pleading tear-at-your-heart wide eyed look Bernice can muster (ha)*

Minor quibbles would be the lightings that I actually came to find annoyingly distracting at times, glaring straight into your eyes and agree with Lynx the recurring problem of drums drowning voices and the technical glitches that resulted in frequent fiddlings in between and during songs, even. There were many off-pitchings too, actually.

Those aside, the music simply made the night, and that's whats's important.

Oh, and deprived soul didn't get to stay for after-show Crazy Queuing because she was whisked off, in all unwillingness, by Empress Dowager back to the Residential Palace, so she missed out on all drama of autographs and getting to speak to Corrinne :( So, pictures are much appreciated!

(Did anyone ask about next concert intentions?)

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