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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stripper for hen party

I happened to have lunch with two female colleagues today. And towards the end, the conversation revolved around a hen party that one of them had attended. Where they had a male stripper.

Who did the full monty.

Okay, maybe I'm totally out of the hen party entertainment scene, but I really did not know that male strippers who bared all would be allowed in staid Singapore. (Then again, surely I shouldn't be that naïvve?)

The costs are:
  • strip to briefs - $250 (or thereabout)
  • full monty - $400
  • full monty with "extra service" - $800
(These rates would be lower if the stripper performs at the agency's location.)

The stripper was found through an advertisement at a local sex shop. Fortunately, I am aware of the existence of these outlets, so I'm not all that out of it.


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Shelly said...

That male stripper better have a HUGE appendage, if not it would be a real dampener to watch him strip down to nothing....


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