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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sexpo 2006

Sexpo 2006
For the second consecutive year, I went to Sexpo after attending a wedding in the morning/afternoon. And this is the second year of Sexpo.

This year's adult-themed exhibition was held in the more central and sane location of Suntec City, instead of the Expo at the other end of the island. Floor area-wise, though, it was smaller. Even then, there was a lot of empty space, just like last year's. And I noticed that about one-third of the booths were operated by the organiser itself.

Also, the entire area was for adults only, so right at the door, I had to pay $10 for the entrance fee. With my yellow identification tag around my wrist, I entered the exhibition area.

The booths in front were more conservative, e.g. Mary Chia salon, herbal tea, National University Hospital, etc. And a big prominent booth for Zestra, a medicated oil that is supposedly the female version of Viagra. I didn't spend much time there since I'm of the wrong target market and don't have a significant other to splurge on.

But from the second row of booths onwards, adult stores were everywhere. There were at least five sex shops with the same range of goods: vibrators, sexy clothing, toys, etc. I was particularly intrigued by a vibrator that puts a new spin to the name "rubber duckie". The organiser's booths were selling tamer stuff, like calendars, T-shirts and little trinkets.

I also found the booth for Love Airways, Singapore's first adult-themed magazine. I didn't buy it, though the promotional subscription of $10 for 3 issues was tempting. Later, I overheard the sales lady, who had tried to sell it to me, telling her friend on the phone that she hadn't made a sale the entire day, heh.

To the side were two "side shows": one was a dress up area, where for a fee, anyone could dress up in their fantasy costumes and get their pictures taken. The other side show was an exotic dance behind closed curtains. However, the curtains hadn't been drawn shut very well, so from the outside, I could see fully clothed women doing pole dancers. Yeesh, I wasn't going to pay good money nor stand in the long queue to see that!

Right at the rear was a large booth for Axquisite, which is a pageant/agency for foreign award-winning models. I'd never heard of them. "Miss Bikini World Australia"? "Miss Hawaiian Tropic Australia"? But then, I guess no one outside of Singapore has heard of "Miss Chinatown". Anyway, these girls looked like they were models of the more exotic kind, especially judging by their attire. For $15 (I think), anyone could get their picture taken with a model and also walk away with a free poster. While I was there, I saw a "dirty old man" posing with a model, ha.

Along one side of the hall was a small gallery. One part was of nude photographs taken by a member of the Photography Society of Singapore. The other was hand-drawn art of nude models from Chateau d'Arts (I think that's the name). Pictures were selling for between $500 and a few thousand dollars.

The main area in the hall was taken up by the performance area. While I was there, I heard the tail end of a lecture on traditional Chinese medicine, and the opening portion of a lecture on sexual dysfunctions. Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough to see any of the song/dance/comedy-type performances.

There were scantily-clad women on stilts promoting something. It could've been Halloween costumes, judging by the skull mask that one of them was wearing. (Interestingly, the girls were of one particular race, which I shall not reveal.)

And no, I didn't see any women "dressed" in body paint either.

I ended my stay at the bookstore booth. Almost all of the books were of sex and/or sexual positions. One book that I flipped through was on how to behave correctly for a date, but I didn't buy it. Instead, I bought another, "Jakarta Undercover", which supposedly reveals the seedy underbelly in Jakarta.

After an hour at Sexpo, I decided I'd had enough and left. I think last year's exhibition was better. There seemed to have been a wider range of booths then and more pro-active sales promoters.

However, I might still go for the next Sexpo, if there's one. Wonder if there'll be another wedding too...


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Anonymous said...

Heya..Just wanted to say that ur entry was an interesting read.Too bad you couldn't see the painted girls.I was there too..
FYI, the people on stilts were actually performers from My Sassy Dolls and they are not local.=))

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