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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mac Meetup

Mac Meetup
I attended my first Mac Meetup this evening. There had been previous Meetups before, like last year or earlier, but I never attended them because of some schedule conflicts. And then when Meetup became a paid service, the local Mac Meetup basically just died.

But recently, it was restarted again, after a paid member revived the group. So there we were, on a Thursday night at McDonald's at Suntec City. I was the third to arrive and was drawn by the prominent Mac Meetup sign on the table.

All in all, there were about 10 people there that evening, with Catherine as the host/organiser. The only familiar face to me was Preetam Rai, whom I know only because he knows my sister. Some of them brought their laptops, which ranged from Powerbooks to the black MacBooks.

There was no fixed agenda, so we just chatted about different things. We got to know one another a bit better, how we use our Macs, provided some troubleshooting assistance, and, among other things, discussed the pros and cons of a .Mac subscription, ha. Charlie, the oldest in the group with some strong -- and loud -- opinions about Apple and Macintosh, also blasted some hits from the past.

At one point, I had a feeling that there was a growing desire to form something like a Macintosh User Group. There's actually already one in Singapore, which is fee-based. But it's apparently quite dead, and Apple doesn't support it anyway because of the small local market. I feel a Meetup is fine for now, since there doesn't seem to be a need for some sort of proper organisation.

I stayed for two hours, then had to leave. When I left, the others were still exchanging troubleshooting tips and other chit-chat. I might consider attending again, though being with a Mac in front of me to show off what I have/know really sucks. Perhaps this is an incentive to get my Powerbook working again.


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