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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Myanmar, day 4 -- Yangon

Food sellers
Today was a slow day for us. The plan was to wander around Chinatown in the morning. Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily and we didn't bring any umbrellas. (The rainy season apparently ends towards the middle of October.)

So we drove directly to a particular shop in Chinatown, Tun Family (I forgot the full name). To get there, we drove through 18th Street, which is wide enough for two vehicles. But with the various food sellers and their customers occupying both sides, we were reduced to driving at first gear and carefully avoiding hitting anyone. Kudos to our driver! He couldn't use the horn, because there's a 1,500 kyat fine per horn.

Tun Family sells cashew nuts, peanuts, dried shredded prawn, bird's nest, shark's fin, and lots more. The owner is also Chinese Myanmarese, so we conversed with her in Mandarin. We didn't go anywhere else because of the rain. When I peeped outside, there were still lots of pedestrians thronging the streets, some with umbrellas, some without. Life went on in spite of the weather.

Our loss was Tun's gain. We carted off with bags of nuts and more.

While my aunt, uncle and a companion went for a head massage-cum-hair wash, my mum, our other companion and I headed for a tailor shop, Forever Tailor. It's actually a house, with the garage converted into a small clothing store. The owner made and sold her own clothes there. Of course, most of it was female clothing, so I took the opportunity to have a short nap. I also met her daughter, whom I had emailed before.

The six of us reunited for lunch at Sabai Sabai, a Thai restaurant. My uncle recommended the fried fish salad, which was really good.

With nothing to do after lunch, a few of us returned to Bogyoke Market for more shopping. This time, I bought a gift for a friend. The place closes at 6pm and I thought that there would be a "last sale" discount. No such luck.

Dinner was at Over Sea Chinese Restaurant, which had a distinctively sourish smell in the air-con hall. For a while, I was taken in by the tank of king prawns. I'd never seen live prawns swim before, let alone prawns of those size!

And then it was back to the hotel for the night.


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