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Monday, September 25, 2006


When I was a Scout, we used to plan the weekly activities. I remember, for our very first meeting that year, we took two hours to figure out how to play water bomb! (Actually, one hour was spent debating over whether we should have someone in our Patrol Leaders Council... and the poor guy was present!)

The highlight of that year was planning for the annual campfire. We figured that we had learned enough from previous years to know that we would produce the best campfire ever. We got the firewood early, we had invitations sent out, we prepared the rest of the troop. Then our venue was shifted, because of a choir concert that night. And RSVPs were trickling in too slowly. And we nearly didn't have the obligatory guest of honour.

Somehow we pulled it off. Looking back, that remains the highlight of my scouting career. And looking back, sometimes, I laugh to myself and think: "We were boys thinking we were men."


Fifteen years later, when I attend meetings now, the same thought still crosses my mind... except that I'm thinking about the present.


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