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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Karaoke and Chinese

I joined a few folks for karaoke this evening. Before that, we had dinner together. When we had all arrived, we started chatting among one another. And for some reason, these people who would normally speak English chose to use Chinese. To the point where, at one moment, I asked in exasperation, "Why are you speaking in Chinese???"

Yes, I probably sounded like a good ol' "banana" at that point.

Karaoke -- invented by the Japanese, popularised by the Chinese, (seemingly) shunned by the Malays and Indians. Karaoke is so Chinese that it is a Chinese elite's dream come true (if it isn't already) -- a common location where Chinese customers are served by Chinese staff using Chinese language in a Chinese community and everyone sings Chinese songs in a Chinese-decorated environment.

Well, at least in Singapore anyway.

On another note, my repertoire of Chinese songs has expanded to include "老鼠爱大米" and "童话", of which the former elicited a "Yuhui is singing in Chinese??" remark from one person, ha.


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jeffyen said...

Very interesting ... I guess the English music industry folks need to do more for their songs to appear in ktv rooms... (hmm...wait a minute, perhaps they don't want this to happen!)

Firstly, they need to revamp their music videos to include grand stories and lyrics onscreen. (MJ's stuff, Thriller, Smooth Criminal videos etc., were grand like that, but it's perhaps tooo grand and long haha)

Then they need to make some of their songs 'cute' (like the mice song lol). But I guess with a little more thought put into their production of 'original videos meant to be sung in ktv rooms', it'll be much easier to sing English songs... hehe

Anonymous said...

我愿变成 童话里 你爱的 那个天使。。。

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