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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Work-based catchphrases

Here are two gems:

1. "path" (verb)
What it means: to send the location of a file that is residing on a network server.
(This is computer lingo. The path is, as the name suggests, the route that one "travels" by opening successive folders until the required file is accessed.)

Background: in my company, almost every file is stored in the network. The major pro is that it does away with file attachments in emails. The major con is that you have to hunt down these files, assuming you don't know where they are. Thus, the party that is aware of a file's location sends its path to you, or in short, "paths" the file.

Usage: "I saved the file in the network. Let me path the file to you. Then you can open it and read it in your own time."

2. "move forward" (verb) / "next step" (noun)
What they mean: as they imply, what's coming up next in a process or plan or programme.

Background: in truth, there's really nothing wrong with these two phrases. It's just that I've heard them more times in the past three months... than in my entire life!

Usage: "This is something new to us. Moving forward, we should take note of how exactly it is done, so that we won't repeat our mistakes."

Note that I'm not being cynical at all. These amuse me entirely.


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