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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Drinking with colleagues

I joined a few colleagues for drinks after work. It was a party for a senior ex-colleague who's leaving for Toronto. After work, I went down with my supervisor to Lock, Stock and Barrel at Seah Street. We were the first two there just before 7pm, the scheduled start time of the party. People streamed in later and I found myself in the company of people I'd never met before... and one ex-ACJCian. Oh, and apparently Singapore's "online czar" as well.

And a ton of second-hand smoke. I don't smoke, but my chances of getting lung cancer are very, very, very high.

A colleague, who left early, remarked that she didn't think I was the pubbing/drinking type. I have to say that I surprised myself as well. Without eating dinner, I downed a pint of Heineken and ate some chips. I felt giddy, but I don't think I swayed. At least I was sober enough to catch the bus home at 9pm.


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