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Friday, July 21, 2006

Sprucing Singapore

Working near Suntec City means that I get to see how Singapore is beautifying itself for the upcoming International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting.

Along Middle Road and Nicoll Highway, new trees and shrubs have been planted.

Construction of the Millenia MRT station seems to be in its final stages. Road diversions have ended. New kerbs and footpaths are being built. Unsightly deep excavations have been completed. Station entrances/exits have taken shape.

Raffles City is undergoing some minor renovation works.

Beach Road has been repaved.

The Merlion has completed its "bath".

Marina Centre's renovation was completed months ago. Raffles Boulevard has been restored to some semblance of its former condition.

As for Suntec City itself? It remains the same. No outdoor construction or "prettifying" seems to be going on.


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