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Friday, July 07, 2006

Dead squirrel

I saw another dead squirrel on the road while going to work this morning. Of course, I wasn't expecting to see it, so when I saw the carcass, it made me jump.

The body was surprisingly intact, as in there were no bloody entrails splattered everywhere, so I don't think it had been run over by a vehicle. Rather, it could've been knocked out of the tree above. That's possible since a truck had just driven past, brushing the low-hanging tree branches.

It was lying just far out from the kerb that a vehicle could accidentally drive over it, and thus splatter its organs. So, summoning what courage I could so as not to be freaked out, I pushed it further to the side with my shoe-covered foot. I thought it would be hard due to rigor mortis, but it was still soft.

It was only later that I thought I should've kicked it over the kerb to the grass patch. You know, let it decompose and fertilise the grass...

On the way home this evening, the body was gone. It looks like someone had discarded it.

This is the second time this week that I saw a dead squirrel on this road. The first one was earlier in the week. While walking home, I saw this flattened roadkill with an accompanying stench. (It was too dark to photograph.) The next day, it was gone already, probably cleared up by the owner (or her maid) of the nearby house.

Previously, I'd seen two squirrels running around on this road. Now, after seeing two dead squirrels, I think I'm not going to see any again for a long time. How sad.

Are you morbid?
Another squirrel death

Update (9 July 2006): I saw an adult squirrel today! Woo-hoo!


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