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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Date with Sassyjan

Since she's already written about it, I figure I'd write about it too. "It" being a date I had with Sassyjan.

It all started with a meme that she had posted. One of the questions was "I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you". So I responded: "Will you go out with me?" To which she asked for 10 reasons. So I gave her 10 reasons. And her readers encouraged her on. And so we arranged a date.

We met at Olio at Suntec City at 7pm. I felt both nervous and excited. As silly as it sounds, this is the first time I've gone on a date that wasn't organised by a third party. It only took me 20+ years to do so.

She was great company and easay to talk with. I guess that comes from her work experience. Conversation flowed from what she was doing that day to our jobs to her dating history (!) and so on.

Although I read her blog, I tried not to talk about it. That would just be too "stalker-ish". Besides, the point of the date, at least for me, was to get to know "Sassyjan the person", not interpret "Sassyjan the blogger".

Another reason was to date a good-looking gal. :)

The third reason was that she said she had never dated a "nice guy", so... gah, too egotistical!

The date lasted for about two hours. At the end, she said she wanted to go home to rest because it was that time of the month. So I walked her to the MRT station, where we said our goodbyes.


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paddychicken said...

Wow, you and your hot babes. You always portray yourself as some boring nice guy. But there's obviously something very magnetic in your personality!

Kudos, don't think I would ever pluck up the courage to ask a famous hot blogger out like that heh.

Yuhui said...

Wait a minute... what's that about me being "boring"??? :P

nardac said...

She seemed rather self-centered and surprisingly insecure about her looks on her blog. A real hottie knows how to work it without talking about it. Definitely not a good catch, hot or not.

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