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Friday, June 16, 2006

Sigg is live!

Sigg is live!

What is Sigg?
Sigg is a Digg-like service. The difference is that its primary content is Singapore-related news and information. However, since the Internet is an open system, Sigg also accepts contributions about anything that may be of interest to its audience. Sigg is based on Pligg, which was influenced by Digg.
Why did I do it?
  1. Because I like the concept.
  2. Because I have an under-utilised web hosting account.
  3. Because I can.
Why the name "Sigg"?
Because I suck at names.

How does this affect Or vice versa?
I have no problems with I don't think has any problems with me. We coexist, we live, we die, the world goes on spinning.

Sigg's design sucks.
I know. It's the default style that came with Pligg. But that's no excuse. See how lah!

How did I find out about Pligg?
Thanks to the new, I saw a link that gave a tutorial for setting up a Digg-like website. So I jumped on it. And yes, I'm plugging Netscape. I think its Digg-like revamp is cool.

Start reading and contributing articles at Sigg!


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Agagooga said...

You rock :P

Btw help pester your sister on my behalf. She'll know what about ;)

Yuhui said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

cole. said...

i'm pessimistic about its success because:
1. i don't think we have the critical mass of users
2. our culture is less participatory
3. your name is on the url

myspy isn't doing very well, and it's gonna be hard for sigg as well.

but all the best, and prove me wrong!

Yuhui said...

Yeah, I know. Consider it a little experiment.

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