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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Out the whole day

It's quite amazing, I think, how what I thought would've been a brief meeting with a friend would turn into a whole day together.

My day had begun at an introductory seminar for Reel Revolution. It's a six-week programme for teams of four to produce a four-minute video essay on a social issue. This two-hour seminar at The Substation consisted of talks by the programme partners and screening of two short films. The first film, "Santa is here", was about the people of a Cambodian "Smokey Mountain" (i.e. rubbish dump) getting "gifts" in the daily trash. The second was part of a series of films about the changing architecture in coastal cities.

After that seminar, I met my friend at Funan Centre. We had lunch, talked a bit about an upcoming collaboration (stay tuned for more!), then walked around. Our walk took us from one shopping centre to anothere, CityLink Mall. We stopped by The Coffee Connoiseur and had drinks and dessert.

From there, we walked on to the newly renovated Marina Square. We wandered around several shops, and browsed at two computer/electronics stores, one of which was the Creative store, and Times the Bookshop. Oh, and a toy store too because I wanted to (it was a letdown).

We had nothing planned for the rest of the day, so my friend broached the idea of watching a movie. It was 3:45pm when we checked the screening times, and found that "Cars" had started 15 minutes ago. Oh well. So we bought tickets for the next show at 6:10pm.

To pass time, we played billiards. I wasn't too keen about it because I hardly ever play it and my technique is all wrong. This was only my fifth or sixth time playing ever, so the prospect of being trashed repeatedly was a foregone conclusion.

It took me a while to get into it. First, there was figuring out the correct method for positioning my fingers to balance the cue stick. Then there was the hitting of the balls. There were only a handful of times when I could really "feel the ball" or "be one with the cue stick", so to speak. The other times, it was entirely luck.

No, I am not a child prodigy for sinking a few balls at oblique angles. But at least now I know how to rack the balls.

Then, it was off to the movie! Review of that will come later. Fortunately, children consisted of about one quarter of the audience, and even they were well behaved throughout. No sudden screaming or crying.

From there, it was off to iShop at Orchard Cineleisure because my friend had decided to buy the new MacBook. It was after 9pm when we arrived there and the store was closing in half an hour. While my friend questioned a salesperson, I attempted to check my email through the store display. Funny thing was, their wireless connection was very erratic. Sometimes things would flow smoothly, sometimes I'd be waiting minutes for a page to appear.

Anyway, we got our things done there, then walked to Shaw Centre's McDonald's for a late dinner. (BTW we also ate at McDonald's at Funan Centre for lunch.) It was there that we met my ex-colleague and I forgot his name! But I think I managed to escape an embarrassing moment by letting him introduce himself, ha.

Then it was around 11pm, time to go home.


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