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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Why do I prefer Pixar movies over those from Dreamworks or other computer-graphics animated movies? I'm not biased just because it has the same boss as Apple. The answer is surprisingly simply: its storylines. I've only watched one non-Pixar CD animated movie. While it was likeable, I thought that the creators focussed on the graphics technology rather than the story. What's the point of paying so much to appreciate so little (not that I'm belittling the technology)?

"Cars" is no exception. Its story is tried-and-true: a young hotshot learns humility from country folk. Yes, it sounds prejudiced, and I think it is. What clinched it for me is that I too share the notion of "returning to simplicity". The rat race brings fame and fortune, but like they say, "money can't buy me love".

And, like I said, it's a story that's tried and true. And a story that is tried and true must still be relevant, otherwise it wouldn't be used over and over again.

What I found disappointing was the part when Lightning McQueen turned over a new leaf. For a long time, I thought that he was faking it to get in the others' good books. I kept waiting for the punchline that never came. I suppose I've become too cynical and jaded to believe at face value that a person could change just like that.

Since this is a Pixar movie, there were great visuals too. And wow, digital cinema really makes a difference! Every pixel was crystal clear! The textures, the backgrounds, the crowds, they were all captured perfectly! I don't know if my friend heard me "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing throughout the movie.

Oh, and I enjoyed the short film "One Man Band"... because the little girl was soooooo cute!


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Miyon Emorej said...

I'm more of a Pixar fan too. ^o^v

Though, I also like Dreamworks' animations. They are fun to watch...

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm way behind and haven't gotten to this one ... I'm hoping beyond hope that I will like it, but all the evidence is certainly pointing the other way!

Yuhui said...

Miyon -- yay, another Pixar fan!

Reel Fanatic -- it's a very simple story, really, doesn't really compare to the other Pixar stuff, but it still holds its own.

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