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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Skypecast: "All about Singapore"

I've just learned about Skypecasts. They're online events where people use Skype to talk together. It's similar to a conference or gathering of friends, except it's online.

To see how far this concept can go, I created my own Skyepcast:
"All about Singapore"
Saturday, 3 June, 2006
From 12am (+8 hours GMT)
For up to two hours, those who join can talk about anything about our sunny island set in the sea. All you need are a computer, speakers, a microphone, and Skype.

And yes, it is on Saturday midnight (or Friday night). Why the unearthly hour? Because that's when I'll be home, ha. Yeah, I'm staying home on a Friday night. Boo-hoo.

Of course, I hold the power to kick out anyone who is offensive or abusive.

I don't normally use Skype because not many of my friends have it. I wanted to use it to call my friends in USA, but apparently the free calls are only for people already residing there, not for international calls. Darn it.

Update: Well, as anyone who joined the skypecast would have found out, I was unable to attend. Sigh, so much for being a host! :(


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Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

2 problems. No Skpye, and no mic. So got to sit out this time...

Shelly said...

Wouldn't it be messy with a whole bunch of people talking at the same time??

Yuhui said...

We'll see how it goes. It may be messy, it may also be fun.

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