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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sexiness and a person

I was out with a few colleagues for a work meeting. We went to a pub, ordered drinks, and talked shop. And after we were done with work, we had more drinks and talked about stuff. There were three of us, but two other colleagues joined us for the socialising part. Both happened to be Caucasian (British, I think), and both are in upper management, although the company encourages a flat hierarchy.

Since I had just joined two weeks ago, one of them (the more senior one) asked me how I was doing. But my supervisor mentioned that I had been asked that question too many times already. So he asked me: "Who is the sexiest in the office?"

Well, of course I was stumped. How I answered would inevitably reveal part of my nature. And could I even answer that without being slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit? However, I gradually got the feeling that it wasn't something that would be held over my head. Besides, the one who asked me was expecting me to say that he was the sexiest. But I don't swing that way.

So I gave my answer. And he thought about it. And then he said that I was "efficient". And I went "huh?" He explained that, based on the person I'd chosen and her physical characteristics, he could tell that I'm not a fussy person; rather, I strive for the simplest yet relatively desirable. Minimal input, maximum output. Ergo, efficient.

I've been called many things in life. "Efficient" hasn't been one of them... until now.


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