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Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Infinite Crisis" trailer

Some time back, I talked about my return to comics through DC Comics' crossover series, "Infinite Crisis".

Over lunch one day last week, I came up with the idea of making a trailer for "Infinite Crisis". Actually, I had thought about it before, but the idea only crystallised recently. It would be an advertisement targeted at non-comic book readers, although it would still retain some "geek" messages for the aficionados.

I've posted three MPEG-4 and one iPod-ready versions of the trailer. I wanted to put a Flash version too, but I can't get the audio to sync with the video. This'll be something for me to work on.

Personally, it would also be a project to practise my skills in Macromedia Adobe Flash and Apple GarageBand. Putting together the visuals in Flash was as easy as picking which comic covers to use, and then throwing in some text copy.

Music composition, though, was another beast on its own. This was only my second time using GarageBand and I still wasn't entirely familiar with composing and manipulating tracks. I know how to play music through its keyboard interface, but figuring things out like "tempo" and "reverb" and other fun stuff had me scratching my head.

Thank goodness for its pre-composed loops! It took me a whole night to go through the various loops and pick the ones that fit my original concept.

Timewise, it took me about 10 hours over four days from conceptualisation to final encoding. And I think the final product came out to be pretty decent for a 30-second trailer.

Coincidentally, this week, the series ends, although it has several spin-off stories and books (as expected). I hadn't really thought about the timing, so I attribute this to a case of good luck.

Enough talk already! Watch my "Infinite Crisis" fan trailer!


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I would tweak the font though --- maybe use a slightly different one and certainly all caps. Give it more impact ;)

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