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Friday, May 19, 2006

Dinner at Carl's Jr, drinks at Starbucks

As had been promised, tonight was the post-wedding bloggers' gathering. The eight of us gathered at Carl's Junior at Marina Square. Meeting time was between 6 and 7pm. Dinner didn't start till... late.

We were promised messy burgers. We got big burgers.

And we remarked about a certain Carl's Jr cashier who should earn Employee-of-the-Month Award. Here's my encounter:

I placed my order with her. She asked me if I wanted a medium or big drink. I looked at the cups, and somehow answered "medium". She gave me this big cup. I quickly said, "Can I have the smaller size?" So she replaced it with a smaller -- but still quite big -- cup. The bill came to fifty cents more than what was stated on the menu. She said that the menu price was for a "really small" meal. I wasn't thinking too clearly, so I walked off with my not-small meal.

Later, we realised that the meals truly are big, and we should've stuck with the "really small" meal. Only one of us was smart enough to do that. The rest of us are, erm, hereby enlightened.

Therefore, when at Carl's Jr, do this:
Blogger Gang Meet-up - May '06
Order the smallest meal! Do not upsize, do not choose medium!

After stuffing ourselves full with calories and cholestrol, we proceeded to Starbucks for drinks, paid for by our guest-of-honour and his wife. We talked about army stories, bloggers convention/conference, triathlon, French airport officials, etc. Really, you needed to be there to follow our conversation.

Hmm, my entry seems very left-brain. Maybe someone else will have a better recount of the night.


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jeffyen said...

haahaaa, hopefully we'll make a dent in their sales numbers...

'Why is everyone downsizing?!' hahaa

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