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Friday, April 21, 2006

"Where the Truth Lies"

Where the Truth Lies
The first Atom Egoyan film I watched was "The Sweet Hereafter". Even though every review raved about it, I never quite understood it. Fortunately, this Egoyan film, "Where the Truth Lies", is more accessible to me.

On the surface, this is a murder mystery movie set in the rockin' 1950s to 1970s. Thus there's a lot of eye candy, from the fashion to the houses to the incredible hairstyles. Underneath, though, is a story about sex and money and friendship and celebrity worship.

The overall story is easy to follow and understand. And as usual, the twist at the end is that the person you should be suspecting the whole time is the person you're most likely to forget about until the final reveal.

I enjoyed watching Kevin Bacon's Lanny, who swaggers and swoons like a good ol' charmer, but who can also turn into this dark, intensive sex object. And then there's the fun of watching Colin Firth, who usually plays a gentleman, but portrays a deviant who can't control himself in this movie.

And then there's Rachel Blanchard, who starred in family dramas like "Clueless" and "7th Heaven", but in this film, she plays the streetsmart, seemingly virginal college undergrad.

Hmm, seems like this was a show to see the actors break out of their stereotypes.

Finally, an Egoyan film that I could get.


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