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Friday, April 14, 2006

Another reason to live in an opposition-controlled constituency

Following up on my previous post, I found another reason to live in an opposition-controlled constituency in Singapore. It can be summarised in Singaporeans' two favourite words, "cheap" and "good", and coupled with our perennial indulgence, food.

Apparently, the cheapest McDonald's outlet can be found in Potong Pasir. There are hundreds (thousands?) of McDonald's outlets in Singapore. Although the menu is the same, there are small price differences, usually dependent on the outlet's location. For instance, an outlet in town could charge $0.10 or $0.20 more for the same item as compared to an outlet in a far-flung part of Singapore. And it turns out that Potong Pasir is the furthest flinging part of Singapore.

That's the "cheap" part.

It's not just McDonald's. Because opposition-controlled constituencies are denied receive government funds for upgrading later, the food centres in Potong Pasir are still pretty much untouched in terms of fanciful floor tiles, tables, and newfangled food stalls. Yup, the old food sellers are still doing their thing there, and they've been doing it for years, so their foods retain their unique tastes.

And that's the "good" part.

So if you want cheap and good food (a very difficult combination to find in Singapore), you know what to do. No, no, not eat in Potong Pasir.

Vote Opposition!

I admittedly have not stepped into a Potong Pasir McDonald's outlet, nor have I eaten at a Potong Pasir food centre, but my sources for these bits of information are reliable.


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Sibeh Sian said...

Wrong lah, the cheapest Mc's in Singapore is in Singapore Poly and NTU. Heh.

nus mugger said...

and nus too.. haha..

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