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Monday, March 06, 2006

Wrong number

Today marks the first time I received my first wrong number call on my handphone. As in the dialler had legitimately misdialled a number and got my phone, not some prankster randomly dialling numbers.

At least I think it's legitimate.

Instead of dialling "3" at the end, the person dialled "9". Thus my phone rang, I answered, and wondered why a Chinese-speaking woman was asking for some other person. Fortunately, that was settled pretty quickly and painlessly.

When I first subscribed to my handphone, I deliberately picked a number from the new batch of mobile numbers, i.e. those starting with "8". This was because mobile numbers are "recycled", i.e. old numbers that are no longer subscribed to are added to the pool of available numbers. Inevitably, this leads to calls from people asking for the previous subscriber. I didn't want to deal with that. Also, since fewer people have numbers starting with "8" instead of the older "9", my contacts are more likely to recognise my number.

So anyway, back to this post. Yup, my first wrong number. Blah.


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