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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two clicks to file taxes

According to the news, the taxman has simplified this year's e-filing of taxes. Instead of seven clicks of the mouse, you will only need two. And there are just two forms to complete.

Aside: Can we please get rid of the "e-" prefix??? That was so 20th century!

So what is this new system? And how does it work? Let Yuhui show the way.
Step 1: (after logging in)
"Q: Please state your income for YA 2005: ______"
<type> <type> <type> <click "submit">
Step 2:
"Q: Please state your total expenditure, deductions and relief for YA 2005: ______"
<type> <type> <type> <type> <type> <click "submit">
Step 3:
"You saved _____. This is your total income tax for YA 2005. Have a nice day!"
See? Two clicks, two forms. Simple, right?

(YA -- Year of Assessment.
Welcome to Singapore, Land of Abbreviations)


Haha, of course, the above is entirely satirical. As far as I know, none of it is true. I have never filed (Singaporean) personal income tax before, so I really don't know how the whole system works.

However, reading the news report reminded me of that American joke from the 1980s: "How much did you earn? How much did you save? Send that in."


But this year, Singapore has a budget deficit...


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