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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Miss Singapore Universe 2006

(To all you horny buggers who found my blog when searching for "miss singapore universe" or "cheryl tay" or such terms (including, surprisingly, "swyn teo" and "natasha riard"), this is for you.)

In keeping with my one-year-old tradition of being shallow, I'm going to give my $0.02 of this year's Miss Singapore Universe finalists. Note: not "contestants". There were 25 contestants, seven were kicked out, leaving 18 finalists.

(The 18 finalists in surname alphabetical order are Juliana Chan, Carol Cheong, Viola Choo, Ginnie Goh, Annabelle Liang, Geraldine Loo, Genecia Luo, Naazrina Mohamed, Zeenat Nisha, Christine Ong, Agatha Phua, Ssunita Rai, Jade Seah, Vanessa Tan, Andrea Teo, Michele Tsai, Jeannette Wee, and Weng Yifei.)

Maths aside...

Previously, I rated all 18 finalists. But that got a spat of nasty comments. And I felt bad about it because I felt like I was rating meat.

So this time, I'll pick those who may have a shot at the crown. The latter part of that sentence means that a few girls won't make it to my list:
  • non-Chinese (or at least not Chinese looking) -- I'm not being racist, it's just based on the history of the competition
  • short-haired lasses -- alas, this is also based on history... and the male preference for long hair
Having said that, here's my prediction:
Genecia Luo#1: Genecia Luo
Age: 23
Occupation: Occupational therapist
(Multiply) (Blogger)

Word on the street is that she's the favourite to win. And why not? She's beautiful, she looks confident, she knows how to pose.

But she may have some competition from...
Geraldine Loo#2: Geraldine Loo
Age: 20
Occupation: Marketing communication officer

Apparently another crowd favourite. Her picture doesn't seem to do her justice here, but from what I've seen in the TV ads, she's definitely a looker.
Andrea Teo#3: Andrea Teo
Age: 22
Occupation: Undergraduate

Another pretty lady, and again, another crowd favourite. Hmm, looks similar to Genecia. Will that be a negative for her if Genecia really is the front runner? I don't think the judges would want a "clone" for the first runner-up.

Having said that, if I were a judge, I'd pick the following girls (in reverse order):
Jeannette Wee#3: Jeannette Wee
Age: 22
Occupation: Undergraduate

In her photos, she seems to have this innocent, wide-eyed, doe-eyed look. The "Oh wow, I can't believe I'm on Miss Singapore Universe!" kind of look. The look that makes me say, "Aw, shucks! Let's just send her to Miss Universe so that she'll have even more stories to tell her grandkids."
Michele Tsai#2: Michele Tsai
Age: 22
Occupation: Postgraduate

I think this is the deja vu girl. There's one finalist who, every time I see her for the brief moment on TV, I think, "Hey, it's Cheryl Tay!" It's either Michele or Jade Seah, but I think Michele looks nicer, heh.

In a way, she looks like Miss Singapore Universe 2005. And what can I say, I've grown to appreciate Ms Tay's looks.
Weng Yifei#1: Weng Yifei
Age: 23
Occupation: Laboratory biologist

But if I had to pick the winner, Yifei would be it. She has this air of strong self-confidence and the behaviour of a top model. It's like she knows what she wants and damned be the person who gets in her way.

(I don't know what she's like in real life, so don't ask me!)

Yeah, she's got short hair, but guess what? It works for her. If you ask me to name the finalists based on their pictures only, she'd be the only one I can name on my first try. And I think that's a plus for her: instant recognisability. Whether that translates to success in a pageant is something I cannot predict.

And if her job is exactly as it's listed, hey, beauty + brains!!!

So these are my picks for this year's Miss Singapore Universe. Note that I haven't attended any press conferences or outdoor exhibitions or MediaCorp event. Everything I've said is based on their pictures, the website and the occasional TV commercial. I didn't even vote for anyone by SMS.


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Did I wish you Happy Birthday on the 14th? If not, here a Happy belated Birthday! Better late than never right? Hee!

Candyfeehily said...

as regarding to ur post, yifei was from nus biomedical science n is working at astar as lab biologist so yeah thats beauty + brain n shes great personality too.

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