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Monday, March 06, 2006

"Harness your bosoms!"

The local tabloid, The New Paper, ran a story on Sunday about a secondary school teacher (or teachers) who removed female students' bras that were deemed to be too colourful. For the rest of the day, those girls remained bra-free -- even after they were done with school for the day.
Punishment strips students of dignity

Take off your coloured bra.

Now spend the rest of the school day without it.

And go home without it as well.

That is what some students in a secondary girls' school had to go through.

The problem is which is worse: Wearing a coloured brassiere in school or going around without wearing one at all?
And later in the article...
'As a school we are concerned with the development of good values in our youth,' said the principal in an e-mail reply.

'The school would like our students to develop a sense of decorum and modesty.'
Hmm, tell that to the bra-less girls who were seen in public in semi-translucent blouses. Whither decorum? Or modesty? And I didn't know public embarrassment is a "good value".

This incident reminds me of a quote from the second episode of "Boston Public":
Harvey Lipschultz: Wear a bra, for the good of the country.


Harry Senate: [as girls are removing their bras in the hallway, in defiance of Lipschultz' "patriotic rule"] They must all be a bunch of communist sluts.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really pity those schoolgirls. They know the school rules and insist on breaking them. Go to ***ANY*** HDB heartland shops run by aunties, and ask whether they sell white/beige/gray bras. If it's ***SO*** difficult to find such bras, then I'll agree that colored bras should be allowed.

Anonymous said...

i would have preferred to remain bra-less...

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