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Monday, March 13, 2006

First Singaporean PostSecret?

I hate myself for giving in to your sick desires. Everytime we have sex, a bit of my soul dies.
I'm a big fan of PostSecret. I read it every week. Heck, it's how I start my work week!

And this week, there appears to be the first-ever secret from sunny Singapore. And on stationery from a subsidiary of one of the two local media conglomerates no less.

I don't want to know who wrote it. After all, privacy is the main point of a secret.

I just wanted to highlight this. We all have dark secrets. Even if we live in a socially-engineered utopia.


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Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

Happy Birthday Dude !

Saw it at Tym's blog...

Jasper Chen said...

Post secret is da best man. Sometimes you will see things that relates to your own secrets.

NARDAC said...

Happy Birthday cousin! Here's your special birthday present... for when you're feeling a little less like superman...

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Happy birthday!

I'm sure there have been many other Singaporean post secrets. Just not as obvious as this one.

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