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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Singapore Idol auditions part 2

Singapore Idol
Yesterday's audition queue was incredible. At 9am, the queue had stretched way beyond the designated area. When I returned at 5:30pm, the queue filled about half the area. But I skipped it because I had another appointment to attend, and crossed my fingers that there would still be a queue when I returned.

No such luck. But then the audition had been extended to today. So at 10:30am, I found myself joining the queue. This time, there were two queues: one for those who had registered yesterday and were back for their auditions today, the other for first-time registrants like me.

I gave myself until 4pm before giving up, due to a prior engagement in the evening. So I waited... and waited... and waited... I and the other hopefuls sought solace under the sparse shade of the surrounding trees. I basically just sat down and idled the whole time. I also talked with a few others, and learned that almost all of the other first-time registrants were also participating for their first time.

As I waited, I saw more and more returnees join the audition queue almost every hour. It was quite disheartening. It looked like I wouldn't be able to make my 4pm deadline. Would I be wasting my time after all?

At 1:30pm, our queue moved from the rear half of the queuing area to the first third, so that was a slight relief. And then co-host Daniel Ong did something very surprising: he paid for $100 worth of bottled water! His offer went like this:

"It's a hot day, you guys need to drink lots of water, don't be dehydrated. Who wants water? You want water? I have $50 on me, I'll buy you a drink. Hands up, who wants water? I just stopped by the ATM, and now I have $100. You guys want water? Okay, hang on, I'll get you water."

And he really did! A few minutes later, Daniel and his crewmembers appeared with two boxes of chilled bottled water. He went from row to row, tossing bottles at the participants, and imploring us to share with the others. Wow!

But wait, there's more! Apparently, his charitable contribution moved the sponsors, 7-Eleven and JJ Drinks, so they too got into the act. And sponsored a free can of JiaJia Liang Teh (cooling tea) for each and every one of us! And so Daniel and gang went around again, passing cans and cans of tea to all of us. Wow!

Firstly, I really must applaud Daniel for his generosity. I honestly thought that he was joking about the offer. But when he returned with the drinks, I was really taken aback. And he had set a precedent that the sponsors couldn't afford to ignore for the sake of good publicity. So kudos to DJ Daniel Ong!

At about 3pm, the audition queue had shortened, and our queue was moved up again. And at 3:15pm, we were allowed to register in groups of 10. I was in the second group and completed my registration at about 3:45pm. My audition is scheduled for next Sunday at 9am.

I must really thank my lucky stars and The Guy Up There. As the minutes went by, I really thought that I would have to give up what could be my last chance to do something different. But everything worked out in the end, and I have one more week to prepare.

Aside: theoretically, I have a mathematical chance of participating again if the next contest is held in two years but before March.

On to next Sunday!


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Aridewa said...

Wow! What Daniel Ong did really impressed me! Hopefully Singaporeans can learn to share that part of generosity from a public figure..

and all the best next Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

Randomly discovered your blog clicking through the "recently updated" on blogger. I hate saying "break a leg", so I'll say what dancers here say to each other before they go on stage: "Merde!" All the best for your audition. From an anonymous web surfer in Canada.

Kelly Chan said...

Good luck on your Sunday audition!

Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

Good luck!

You don't strike me as someone who would participate in the idol competition, but hey we only live once. So all the best!

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