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Saturday, February 04, 2006

iTunes Music Store coming to Singapore!

Apple iTunes
Apple's iTunes Music Store is coming to Singapore!!! Wheee!!!! *jumps up and down in delight* And to think that I had just written about this.

This morning's Straits Times featured an article of 200 gizmos for 2006. I flipped through most of them, stopping only to read about the Sony PlayStation 3, Motorola's 3G-enabled RAZR V3x, and something about Internet TV. And buried in that last article was this line:

"... until the Singapore iTunes store opens next year."


It's about bloody time! Okay, so it's 12 months away and a couple of years late, but it's coming!!! Finally, I—and the thousands of iPod-toting Singaporeans—can get some legal digital downloads. Hopefully, there'll be a couple of videos too.


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Tym said...

Next year?!?! Why not this year? Why not now?!

Bought the papers too, but haven't cracked them open yet ;)

Anonymous said...

But it never came! ..........

Yuhui said...

Yup, looks like another case of "vapourware".

Anonymous said...

itunes store is here but it only has a bunch of lame apps. music and movies are nowhere to be seen! CMON APPLE WAKE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Why put the iTunes icon on iTouch & iPhones if it's not working! C'mon apple we've been waiting for the iTunes store Singapore for YEARS! Look at the date of first comment above, it's 2006! It's already 2010!

Yuhui said...

@Anonymous: I think it's more about securing the copyrights. If so, then blame the music industry!

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