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Saturday, February 18, 2006


I went to ACJC's 19th Fun-O-Rama today. It's a big funfair that's held once every two years. Every class is compelled to set up two stalls each: one game stall, one food stall. And every ex-student, e.g. me, is compelled to buy coupon tickets. I shelled out $100 and I wasn't going to buy any more!

Everything that's earned is channelled into some fundraising event, this year's being the building of a Centre of Performing Arts. Sometimes, I think that the school would've built everything that it needs to build already within the last 36 years. Apparently not.

Students in costume
I and my friend arrived at about 1:30pm... and it was still crowded! There were areas where, due to the narrowness of the road, it was a squeeze to get through.

Meanwhile, some students were hustling for people to patronise their stalls. Some in creative ways, like in costume, others with homemade cardboard placards. These students, so creative.

As usual, the haunted house queue was fantastically long. Actually, there were four haunted houses with four fantastically long queues. Needless to say, I skipped them, as I have for all of the previous Fun-O-Ramas.

Chocolate fondue
Also as usual, there was the SCOne Cafe, run by the 2SC1 class and occupying the smallest of the lecture theatres on the second floor. One of the dishes served was the latest craze in town: chocolate fondue! We ordered two sticks, one with strawberries, the other with banana.

Then the liquid chocolate hardened! Within two minutes! After eating the fruits, we used plastic spoons to scrape the chocolate, which had become like frosting, from the styrofoam plate. It was hilarious to see bits of chocolate flying everywhere.

I had decided not to play any games this year, partly because I feel that they're un-win-nable, i.e. they're designed to prevent you from winning anything more significant than sweets. So I decided to spend my $100 on buying stuff from the "supermarket" in the auditorium. (Oh, and $1 on a canned drink.)

Turns out that it's difficult to spend $100. Between my friend and I, we left with:
  • 6 folders
  • 3 notebooks
  • a pack of 3 badges
  • a pack of 2 pencil cases
  • 2 packs of macaroni
  • 2 tins of Milo (I actually tried to bargain it to 1 tin instead of 2!)
  • 1 loaf of bread
  • a pack of 3 muffins
  • and a partridge in a pear tree
Along the way, I met three old friends. Good time.

And then it rained at 4:30pm. But by then, it was time for us to leave anyway.


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