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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This year is going to be a fun year. And by fun, I mean filled with things to do. I'll probably have much less "me" time in 2006. No, it's not work that's filling my time. Rather, I've decided to take up volunteering.

I've committed to two organisations: ECO Singapore and Transient Works Count Too (TWC2). In both cases, I'll be helping out in their websites. For ECO, I'll be working in a team that's revamping the site. For TWC2, I'm the sole guy and will be doing some maintenance and updating.

There's a third organisation that I approached, but I haven't decided if I want to commit yet. See how first.

And then there's the opportunity to work on a film.

I had thought of helping my church's Boys' Brigade, but I think that'll be overloading my body and schedule. Plus, it's on a Saturday morning and I want my beauty sleep! Haha, okay, lousy reason.

So yup: hello, ECO and TWC2!


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