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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Say hello to iLife '06

iLife '06
Macworld has arrived and Steve Jobs unveiled quite a few cool products. New software, new computers...

Of all the announcements, I am especially taken in by iLife '06. And this is for one-sixth of the package: iWeb. Based on the demo, it looks really easy to create a website complete with photo gallery and blog entries and podcasts. Especially podcasts.

Yes, my video podcast is still ongoing. (Look out for the next episode around Chinese New Year.) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a free PHP-based video podcast script to simplify adding episodes/entries. So right now, yes, believe it or not, I'm updating it manually. Which is a pain. I wrote my own script, but got through about half or one-third of the way.

Needless to say, if anyone knows of such a PHP script, please point me in the right direction, thank you very much.

iWeb seems to simplify that whole process. Drag-and-drop, type in some stuff, publish, and boom, it's live. And iMovie HD and GarageBand seem to make it really easy to create podcasts (video and audio, respectively). I'd love to play with the new iMovie animated transitions!

Having said that, I do not intend to put down $158 for it. Primarily because iWeb is a version 1 product. As cool as iMovie HD and GarageBand are, especially for podcasting, I cannot see myself buying the package if it includes iWeb ver. 1. When it comes to anything computer-related, never, never, never buy the first version of anything, whether it's hardware or software. I've been burned before, e.g. first version of PowerBook G4 -- big mistake (but I needed it for its DVD drive).

So, no Apple software for me this time, I'll make do with what I have. Even if it means hunkering down and getting my blasted PHP script to work.

Thoughts about the new laptop, MacBook Pro. I think that's a tongue-twister, especially for non-native English speakers. But Apple wants to move away from the "Power" nomenclature with its transition to non-PowerPC Intel chips. So that got me thinking about names for forthcoming products:

PowerPC --> Intel
iMac G5 --> iMac (as announced)
PowerBook --> MacBook Pro (as announced)
Mac mini --> Mac mini (no "Power" or "G-something" in its name)
iBook --> MacBook?
PowerMac --> MacMac? (haha!) Mac Pro?

On another note, I am tempted to go down to an Apple Store to test the new MacBook Pros. These supposedly have a magnetic catch for the power cord to prevent accidental yanking. I want to go to each and every MacBook Pro and yank out the power cord to see if the laptop flies... as long as I don't have to buy it if it does indeed fly.


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