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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Please iTunes, come to Singapore!

The Composers and Authors Society of Singapore recently announced the setting up of a one-stop centre for music digital distribution. In other words, instead of going to the individual music publishers (Warner, EMI, what-not) to clear the rights, digital distributors can now go to this centre (or so the theory goes).

While most of Singapore seems focussed on the "$1,000 for 10 songs for bloggers", I hope this announcement means one thing: that the iTunes Music Store finally opens in Singapore!

While Apple has made huge strides forward in its music store in the U.S., Europe and even Japan, it's avoided Singapore (and the region) like the plague. I think it's because of the fear of piracy and the difficulties in obtaining rights.

Fortunately, Singapore has been hailed as a bastion for intellectual property protection. Now with this one-stop centre, I hope Apple finds it easier to sell music locally. We have SoundBuzz and ;Play (among others), but these use the Windows Media format. Aargh, Microsoft technology!

Please, please, please! Our iPods demand music!


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