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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Church youth barbeque gathering

Chicken wings and sausages
I was invited to a barbeque with a few other church peers. The original plan was to have about 40 people at someone's house. In the end, it was whittled down to about 20 at Adrian and Ruth's house with a government-provided barbeque pit.

I was in charge of drinks, so I bought six 1.5-litre bottles: two Coca-Cola with Lemon, two 7-Up Ice, two Iced Lemon Tea. In the end, I brought back one 7-Up Ice, one Iced Lemon Tea, and one-third bottles of Coca-Cola with Lemon and 7-Up Ice. Moral of the story: one bottle = five people's servings.

It was raining when I left home, but thankfully it was dry in Bishan. I thought I'd be late. Silly me, this is Singapore! I was the fifth person there 10 minutes after the arranged time of 6:30pm. Others trickled in till about 7pm, when it was dark and the charcoal still wasn't hot enough.

After saying grace, we tucked in to fried noodles, fried rice, salad and satay, while chicken wings and sausages were barbequed. Given the low light conditions, it was difficult to tell when the food was done just by looking at it, until I suggested that they poke the chicken to see if blood trickles out. Yay, me, haha.

It was about 9pm when Adrian's "legendary" sting ray was barbequed. The "legend" itself was kind of a joke. When the gathering was being planned initially, he (or someone else) had suggested that he would barbeque sting ray. Somehow, we thought that it was his speciality, and then it grew into a "legend". So he bought two huge sting rays, cut them into 20 pieces, and marinated them with sambal chilli. While waiting for it to cook, we joked about whether it would remain a "legend" or be consigned to history.

In the end, the sting ray was pretty good, though it would've tasted better if the sambal had been applied after cooking. While the fish was being barbequed, the sambal had apparently dried up!

At about 10:30pm, we started cleaning up. We noted that all of the girls save for two had gone to Adrian and Ruth's house, leaving us guys to deal with the mess! But we made quick work of it, then went up for dessert -- homemade tiramisu!

Victor's tiramisu
But all of us were stuffed, and there were three boxes (about the size of ice-cream boxes) of tiramisu. Finally, between a few of us, we finished one box over a game. It goes like this: someone chooses a number between 0 and 100 (i.e., 1, 2, 3..., 98, 99). Then we go around the circle, with each person guessing a number. The number-chooser then gives the range that his number falls in. Whoever guesses the number has to do the forfeit, which in our case was to eat a piece of tiramisu.

E.g. my number was 77. Someone said 90, so I said between 0 and 90. The next person said 76, so I said between 76 and 90. The third person said 77. Bingo!

Out of about 10 rounds, I ate once. Someone ate four times!

We finally left at about 11:30pm, tired but satisfied.


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