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Friday, January 20, 2006

Chinese New Year parody song part 2

Last year, I wrote about a parody of a Chinese New Year song. And I contributed verse two to it. I ended by saying: "Hopefully, I can be inspired to write another verse in 2006."

It's Chinese New Year 2006, and I'm back with verse 3. Here goes:
Gave a diamond to my girl.
She said she would rock my world.
Speeding towards a night of fun.
Didn't see the tree in front.

Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni.
I had started thinking about the lyrics about a month ago, but it was a long and tedious process. I had the last line down, then the first two, then I needed a word to rhyme with "front". It wasn't until this evening that I got the third line.

Now I know how songwriters and poets feel.

Incidentally, with this verse, I wanted to move to a new level. The first verse was pure silliness, the second was an experiment in songwriting. Now, I wanted a more story-like, romance tragi-comedy theme. Something that would make you go "haha" then "oh, damn".

What do you think?



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Chin said...

Can I sing it?

Yuhui said...

Of course! See my chosen Creative Commons license (at bottom of page).

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