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Thursday, December 01, 2005

RIP la idler aka Sondra

Picture by Tinker, Tailor
Idle Days is no more.

I only met her offline three times -- ever. I was a volunteer at Bloggers.SG, and she was in charge of the volunteers. The first time was at the volunteers' meeting/briefing. The second was at Bloggers.SG itself. The third was at Hideout for a volunteers gathering.

So why was I touched by her?

In August 4, 2005, she wrote an open letter to the Tomorrow editors and resigned as an editor herself. (She rejoined a week later.) In her letter, she wrote about how she was fed up with the internal politics some-reason-or-other there and decided to leave rather than subject herself to more trouble.

And I thought, wah, this quiet girl has balls! It's rare to see someone in Singapore take a stand (politicians excluded), especially one so publicly. And her action drew attention to the inner workings in Tomorrow. And maybe things have improved there, I don't know.

And another thing: her age. She was at the prime of her life. Mid-30s, maybe? Still too young.


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tinkertailor said...

btw, it wasn't internal politics. no need to speculate.

Chin said...

Sondra was 28.

emiryo said...

Was reading her blog just now, it gives me mixed feeling to read the thoughts of someone who passed away... may her soul rest in peace...

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