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Saturday, December 31, 2005

"King Kong"

King Kong
I was supposed to watch "King Kong" with my parents, but in the end, I went with a friend. To prepare myself for a three-hour movie at 4:10pm and knowing how my bladder works, I did not drink anything after lunch. But I wasn't dehydrated.

I'd only seen bits and pieces of the original version, but I knew what the story was about: the basic "beauty and the misunderstood beast". And then it ended with the other universal story theme: tragic love story. Sigh, such is fictional love.

As expected after reading the reviews, the monkey didn't appear until one hour into the movie. Meanwhile, the audience had to be content with seeing the comedian Jack Black try to be serious and driven and all that. And Adrien Brody's sad-looking face.

Luckily, Naomi Watts was there to light up the screen. I liked the way her facial expressions captured her feelings perfectly. Her performance was outstanding, even when all she was doing was screaming her lungs out. I noticed that there were a lot of dialogue-less moments (since a monkey can't talk), but the silent bits were very touching.

Unfortunately, other parts of the show were just too long-winded. Peter Jackson seemed to enjoy squeezing every last drop of emotion frome very scene. So, I felt that most scenes could've worked as well if they had been shortened by half. Heck, the whole film could've fit in two hours if a lot of fluff had been left out.

Like the first officer and his young sailor. I think they're supposed to be the characters that the audience can relate to, i.e. see the whole event through their eyes, but to me, they were expendable fluff. Same went for the second rescue attempt (when the captain and his crew saved the adventurers from giant bugs) that was almost a blow-for-blow repetition of the first rescue (when the filmmakers were saved from the savages by the captain and his crewmen).

Also, when King Kong was fighting the dinosaurs, I thought that it would be funny if Kong just decided that Naomi Watts' character was just too much trouble for his worth and bounded away into the trees. Ah, but then it wouldn't be a love story, because, you know, the damsel must always be rescued.

I liked two scenes: the first when Naomi Watts' character slept in Kong's arm, and when Kong slid around on a frozen pond while clutching a laughing Naomi Watts. No surprise that those scenes featured the monkey and his love interest.

I'd watch the show again, especially if all of the fluff was taken out. Otherwise, well, it was fun to watch the first time. Naomi Watts should be recognised in some way for her performance.


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