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Friday, December 16, 2005

Housewarming-cum-Christmas party

Christmas jelly cake
A colleague had just bought a new house, so she invited a few of us there to join her in a housewarming-cum-Christmas party. It was at a new condominium in the Bukit Batok area, so it was quite easy to make our way there after work. There was also a gift exchange (max. $15 per gift), and I dug up two metallic photo frames at home to use as my gift.

The party started at 7pm with a poolside Thai buffet. The pool-cum-clubhouse area looks really posh. There was even an old Egyptian-style royalty bed near the pool! And fountains in the pool! Wow, I've never seen those before. We were marvelling at how new and modern and nice the place was.

Her apartment looked cosy too. When I walked in, I was surprised to see the kitchen to my right. Not because of its location, but because she had installed glass walls to seperate it from the rest of the air-conditioned house. Interesting. She also had a glass wall put in for one of the rooms, which she converted to a room for her dog. In the main hall, I kept discovering cupboards everywhere -- under the seats, under the table, under a mantlepiece. Good hiding spots!

After the gift exchange, and over a dessert of jelly cake (a large slab of jelly shaped like a Christmas tree), she showed her wedding video since most of the others had not attended. And then we played... "Taboo"! Although most of them had never played it before, I thought we got through it pretty well. There were two teams: "Kuniang" and "Kuku". I was on the former team, and we won! Yaay!

We finally left at around 11pm, happy and satisfied.


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