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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gathering at The Balcony

I met a few folks for dinner and drinks. It had been a while since we'd met altogether, so Stephanie suggested it. And since there was a new watering hole in town, she thought that we should check it out too.

We met for dinner at Food Republic at Wisma Atria. Food Republic, in spite of its name, is just another food court in a shopping mall. Therefore, it is crowded and noisy. There were lots of people waiting for a table. Haha, good luck. Fortunately, Chin had arrived early and managed to snag a table for us. I was the second-last to arrive at about 7:30pm.

Aside: I could've been slightly earlier but took a quick detour to see the new Apple Centre at Orchard. Two-second verdict: more on-hand testing of computers and iPods, pretty much the same in everything else.

One interesting thing about Food Republic: there are waitstaff pushing push-carts around the area, selling drinks and snacks. Very 1950-ish. But I imagine that it's quite tiring to jostle with the crowds.

We left about an hour later and made our way to The Balcony. Along the way, we stopped by a Motorola stand because Angela wanted to lust at the pink Razr V3.

The Balcony, as the name suggests, is a bar that is designed like a balcony at the side of The Heeren. Like a balcony, it is also open-air, so we were "refreshed" with cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes (it's near Orchard Road). Coupled with Singapore's weather, number of people (I estimate its capacity to be 150), and large pillows, and it is quite a hot place to be ("hot" in the sweaty-and-sticky sense, not the drop-dead gorgeous meaning).

We scored a place that was actually reserved, but if we agreed to leave by 10:30pm, then we could occupy the space. While other customers had to sit on hard chairs surrounding a small table, we had a white cushiony area surrounded by large pillows. I ordered a Bailey's, my first time drinking it, and it really is like chocolate milk!

Yew Jin and his fiance stopped by for a while, long enough for us to take a group photo. He also gave us some chocolate biscuits all the way from Down Under.

Chin treated us to drinks before leaving. Thanks!

I also ran into Inex. What a small world!

Unfortunately, the night ended on a rather downcast note. Angela downed a quarter glass of her Graveyard drink and felt its effects when we got up to leave. For the next hour and a half, we accompanied her as she slowly recovered. On a personal note, I got to talk with Jeff a bit more. While waiting for Angela at a restroom, we talked a bit about religion and philosophy. He raised an interesting argument which I hope I heard correctly:

We all know that the Earth is warmed by the Sun. Suppose a person believes that the Earth is warm because of geothermal heat. Because his belief is wrong, should he be denied the heat as the rest of us?

It was after 12:30am when Stephanie and Jeff sent Angela home while I took another cab back.


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jeffyen said...

haha, I like the geothermal theory. Actually, maybe it's not exactly about the guy 'being denied the heat', I feel that his geothermal beliefs does not really affect the functionality of the sun... The sun will still shine no matter how many folks believe the sun theory! lol

paddychicken said...

Heat is not selective but love and emotions can be? I don't really get the analogy ...

Yuhui said...

paddychicken: it's not about love/emotion/etc, it's about what a person believes in.

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