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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Drinks with Terina

Terina, who had returned to her home for a holiday, stopped by Singapore for a few days of... shopping! What else? Since we hadn't seen each other for almost... two years (wow, it's been that long!), we decided to meet up.

I met her after her dinner, and we walked down to Ice Cold Beer at Orchard Emerald (because that's all I really know!). Along the way, we also admired the Christmas light-up. At ICB itself, I was hoping for a table outside, but the place was packed, so we had to settle for the noisy interior. I ordered a gin tonic, while she ordered a light beer.

We talked about stuff, like her work, my work, mutual friends in the U.S., life in Singapore vs. Malaysia vs. USA, etc. And... in between, there were awkward pauses. I'm not sure if she realised them. No offence to the company, but I realised that it didn't seem so easy to "catch up". Maybe I was tired from the day's work.

We stayed at ICB for about an hour, then headed out to the streets again. We walked down to Plaza Singapura, again to admire the lights. It was quite late by then and she suggested walking back to her hotel. The Sheraton. At Newton Road.


So I introduced her to the MRT system. She needed to buy her ticket, and while I was familiar with the system, I didn't know the nuances of it, since I don't ever need to buy a single trip ticket. She didn't have small change, so I footed the $1.90 bill ($0.90 for fare, $1 for deposit). In the train, she asked why there was a $1 deposit. I jokingly remarked that single-trip tickets are so "high-tech" that it can't be afforded to be lost, so the deposit is to ensure that commuters return their tickets.

What could've been a half hour or longer walk became a fifteen-minute (or so) walk-and-MRT trip. At the hotel lobby, we said our goodbyes, promised to keep in touch, hugged, then went our seperate ways.

See you online, Teri!


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