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Monday, December 26, 2005

Cycling at East Coast Park

Sugar cane drinks
Wow, I must be the most obiang young Singaporean ever! Today marks my first time:
  • taking public transport to East Coast Park
  • at East Coast Park in more than 20 years (excluding the times I went there just to eat at the food centre)
  • seeing the new shophouse facade housing new eateries near good ol' McDonald's
  • cycling in almost 15 years
  • cycling at East Coast Park
We arranged to meet at City Hall MRT at 10:30am, but she turned up at 11am. We thought of going straight away, but there was a light drizzle, so we decided to wait and see if it would turn into a downpour. In the meantime, we had brunch at Starbucks.

At about 12pm, when it still hadn't rained, we decided to risk it and just go. We took the wrong bus (14) and ended up in Bedok. So we did the next best thing: took a taxi to McDonald's at East Coast Park. Wow, that area has changed soooo much! Where there used to be just McD's and a smattering of restaurants, there is now this huge faux shophouse facade housing several eateries, including a coffee joint. The place has become so commercial. Yucks.

We had planned to kayak, but given the time, we decided to just cycle. $6 for a male bike, $5 for female, for 1.5 hours. We headed straight to the jetty. The park was crowded, which was to be expected for a public holiday, so I had to be careful not to hit any errant cyclists or rollerbladers. Couple that with my lack of cycling for more than 10 years, and it took me about 5 minutes before I remembered how to cycle without wobbling or swerving unnecessarily.

The jetty was filled with people, but we still managed to find an empty beach. The sun was out, but the clouds were dark, so it wasn't too hot. A breeze cooled us down.

Nearby, a preteen boy said to his parents (in Chinese): "The water here isn't as dirty as near the beach!" I explained to no one in particular in a soft voice: "Because people litter at the beach!"

After a while, we went to the food centre to drink sugar cane. We sat and chatted until I realised that it was 2:05pm, 15 minutes before it was time to return our bikes. So we cycled back to the bicycle shop, and just in time too.

After a brief wash-up, we headed back to town. And this time, we knew how to go there because we found the correct tunnel leading to the correct bus stop where the correct bus (16) stopped. We were feeling hungry, so had a late lunch (at 3pm!) at Daddy-O's Diner at Wisma Atria's Food Republic. I had chilli cheese dog, yum!

We headed to Ngee Ann City, making a brief pit stop at Mos Burger to pick up ice tea. Then it was to Books Kinokuniya. I'd never been to this branch, but was amazed at the size of it! I was enthralled by the huge comics section. Then while wondering around, I got lost momentarily at the other end of the shop. Everything looks the same in that store.

And then it was home sweet home.


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Anonymous said...

hey Yuhui,

glad to see another cyclist in singapore.

Meet us all in & share your cycling experiences, organise rides & chat about anything which may not be related to cycling.

Hope to see u soon.

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