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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I attended by first-ever cosplay! Officially called "Anime@Expo", it was the end-of-year cosplay event for 2005, held at Singapore Expo. Yup, my second time venturing to that end of the island in two months. I had heard about such events before, but decided to check this one out when I heard a colleague was participating. It was organised by Shiro Tsubasa Animation Club (forum at SGCafe).

No, I didn't go in costume.

With video camcorder in tow, I went to check out the hundreds of people dressed as anime, manga or other pop culture characters. I could only recognise a handful of characters, but I was more impressed by the details that go into the costumes. Some were tailor-made, others were intricately designed using assorted clothings and stationery. Who says Singaporeans have no passion??

I paid $12 to go into the conference hall, where the real action was. If I was amazed at the number of cosplayers outside, I was even more surprised by the HUGE number inside! Cosplayers here, there, everywhere! According to the programme, there were song and dance items. I had entered just in time to catch a dance performance by a foursome (group name: EP?). It wasn't the best of performances, but I applaud their courage in going up on stage.

I wandered around the various booths and learned a new word: "doujinshi", or fan art. Just as there was passion in the costumes, there was even more in the original works. The art was, to my eye, almost as good as Japanese manga. There were even dolls, badges, trading cards, manga, etc. No hentai (pornography)/yaoi ((male) homosexualism)/yuri (lesbianism), though I saw some trading cards with nude depictions.

Plug: Comix Pandora
Ben and Melissa were manning the booth. I was taken in by their doujinshi. Each picture had a hand-drawn character, while the background were done with computers. Very impressive! It's the first doujinshi group in Singapore and have been around for almost four years. Besides art pieces, it also publishes manga. I bought a set of four books for $12. There was also a poster on sale for -- get this -- $15!!! Cheap but good! No, I didn't buy it, don't know where to hang it.

Other groups: Imaginary Friends, Wings.Symphonia.

I stayed to see two of the best costume finalists, but had to leave due to other commitments. All in all, a very wonderful experience and I look forward to attending another.



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Anonymous said...

Hi, Melisa (Minako) of Comix Pandora here, thank you so very much for your support and for this kind mention in your blog! ^.^ We are most grateful and we hope to be able to see you at many more events to come... Ganbatte kudasai!!

Kore kara yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!!
Umeda Minako ^.^

Yuhui said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by! Hope you guys did well at the EOY!

BTW if you or Ben are reading this, how do I contact you? Email me please!

Anonymous said...

Arigatou gozaimasu!! ^.^ The EOY was a most rewarding event, thank you very much for your support!

My apologies for the belated reply, you can contact Ben, myself or any other member of Comix Pandora via the contacts listed in our namecard. The website is currently down for routine maintainence and a revamp but we will have it up as soon as we can... In the meantime, please bear with us... ^.^ Sumimasen...

Ogenki de ne?
Umeda Minako

alice said...

yah, the cosplay is amazing. all of us like it. and we aslo set up a cosplay resources site to provide some useful information about cosplay and cosplay cotumesto all cosplayers. hope we can share great idears there. thanx.

alice hana

Ichigo-Akimoto said...

May i noe whether u noe that is there a cosplay party at expo in the 13 of july??

Yuhui said...

Ichigo-Akimoto: Sorry, I've stopped following the local cosplay scene already.

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