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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas light-up walkabout

I've never walked down Orchard Road to see the lights and decorations. At this time of the year, Orchard Road is always a crazy mess of human and vehicular traffic. This year, though, I decided to make an exception.

Too bad it wasn't as impressive as I had expected. In years past, buildings would be decorated to the nines, with fanciful themes and what-nots. There were even contests to see which building the public thought was the best decorated. I'm not sure if there is such a contest this year. If there is, my vote would be "None of the above". I wouldn't even vote for previous winner, Centrepoint, only because it "sold out" with an M&M-themed "Melt in your mouth Christmas" decoration. *pfft*

Yes, it was that big of a let-down. As mentioned, those buildings that had decorations were only sparsely done. Beyond Centrepoint, decorations dwindled to a minimum. Even the bright spot at Raffles City consisted of a huge tree and little else.

Is 2005 the year of Christmas decorations cutbacks? I didn't know the local economy was still in a recession.

The road decorations, though, were a different story. A tad too red (to save resources for the Chinese New Year decorations next?), but at least they were bright and cheery and light on cheesy messages. New this year: speakers that blared Christmas carols all night long. Entertaining for the casual passer-by.



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