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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Biological clock is ticking

For the past couple of days weeks months, I've found myself staring longingly at parents with babies or toddlers.

And I don't stare at the children in a paedophiliac manner. Choi!

The staring is part envy, part want. Like today. I saw one father carrying and rocking his baby while the mother was doing something else. Later, I saw a mother feeding a baby, then the father took over to care for the child while the mother ate her dinner. Someone can be telling me the answer to life and I'd tune out in preference of watching the parent and baby.

I don't think I'm being naive about this. Sure, there are kids who are devils who irritate the hell out of adults. But I feel that if I and the general population came out on the good side, then history, experience and statistics are on my side of producing good offspring.

Heck, I've already picked out an English name for a daughter. Only one friend (or two) knows what it is.

And no, I'm not feeling this way because the government wants me to have kids. And not for the "baby bonus". No, no, no. It's purely biological and emotional.


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emiryo said...

It's time for you to plan then.
One of my coffeeshop uncle was just telling me the advantage of having kids early.

He was only 45 when his sons and daughter completed their studies and started working.

It was really tough for him back then, but now he is a free man. Happy happy bring wife go hoilday.
Don't have to worry so much coz he don't need to feed the family anymore. Still have 10~20 yrs to earn his own retirement.

And he warn me, by the time I hit 50, my eldest kid will still be studying. At that age if ganna retrench how to find another job to feed the family?

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